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Critter Sitters​​

A personal, fully insured and qualified service for all your pet care needs. Operating in the Swindon area. 
Why you should choose us...
  • Many studies show that animals suffer from significant stress being away from their owners in a new environment I.e. A kennels. 
  • Who wants to spend their holiday in a small cage?
  • It is a lot easier to keep an animals routine the same.
  • Your house also gets cared for and reduces risk of break ins due to activity in the house. 
  • It reduces exposure to illness I.e. Kennel cough.
  • Multiple species can be looked after in the same place.
  • Travel trauma is eliminated for both, the owner and the animal/s.
  • Untrained or unwilling family, friends or neighbours need not be called.
  • Can be difficult to find boarding for certain animals. 
  • Updates and pictures can be sent.
  • A personal and one to one service.
  • Myself and the animal can become familiar with each other which adds comfort to your pet. It also becomes easier to know when something is wrong with the animal/s if I am familiar with their habits. 
  • Adds extra peace of mind.
  • Able to meet first with no obligation, the owner can see for themselves how their pet/s will react to me. 
  • CRB/ DBS checked.
  • Qualified service.